deborah karen designs

Handmade Jewelry Designs by San Francisco Bay Area Designer

I am native to Northern California and though I grew up on the bay area peninsula, I spent twenty-five years living and raising my children in San Francisco. Eight years ago I returned to the peninsula after meeting my amazing husband.


My life has been heavily influenced by my exposure to the rich diversity and culture of city life and a multitude of wonderful life experiences. At a very early age I was given an opportunity to travel for a national, vertically integrated women’s clothing/accessory company as a trouble shooter.  After five years, I decided to settle down to start my family and began dabbling in designing jewelry with the little down time that I could find. Not being able to travel led me into my next career as a prop and wardrobe stylist for commercial photographers. This I could do and still spend as much time as I needed with my children. As the kids entered school, I took on a whole new and rewarding role as a patient counselor for plastic surgeons. This allowed me to care for other women (those with breast cancer or other issues), but still be available to my kids after school.


Now my children are teenagers and young adults, so I can pursue a dream filled with art, self expression and collaboration with the most precious gifts in my life…my family!

I hope you enjoy my designs…


100% Handmade



All of my designs are original creations. I am inspired by others, but I always make it my own. I carefully create all of my pieces and many of my designs are one of a kind that only one individual will own and enjoy. 

I use only quality components that last when treated with care. I have a page dedicated to the care of your purchases.

I use sustainable sea glass to protect our natural beaches and to obtain the most vibrant colors.

I specify in my design descriptions when I am using gold-filled, gold plated or sterling silver metals.

Many of the pieces I design can be custom ordered to reflect your preference for gold or silver or the color of leather or style of chain can be switch as well. Even the charms and beads can be used as you would like. I am very open to hear your ideas and preferences. Feel free to email me anytime.